UV/Vis & UV/Vis/NIR

008594_01-WBN-UVVIS2.gifFrom ultra high-performance UV, Vis and NIR to the smallest LAMBDA XLS and LAMBDA Bio instruments, PerkinElmer offers spectrophotometers for a wide range of disciplines, from solar energy research to routine life sciences, and from water safety testing to academia and teaching.

We know the importance of gaining reliable data on even the most demanding applications. That's why with the LAMBDA series of high performance spectrophotometers we've advanced what's possible for your testing capabilities, whether measuring absolute reflectance of coatings at various angles or high absorbing liquids. The limits are pushed further with the ultra-high performance LAMBDA 1050 that redefines your range of capabilities by providing a previously impossible level of sensitivity, resolution and scanning speed in the NIR range.

If you are working in a regulated industry, need a wide range of sampling options or need to process a large number of samples a day, then choose from the LAMBDA 25, 35, 45 series. The systems are easy to operate, and deliver results you can trust with the minimum of operator training.

The LAMBDA Bio and Bio+ meet all your routine life science application needs while the LAMBDA XLS is perfect for liquid samples in any general laboratory.

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