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  • IR Spectroscopy Equipment

    DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer

    The DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer applies advanced algorithms to screen for known and unknown economic adulterants in milk powder, as well as performing the same fast measurements routinely used for protein, moisture, and fat monitoring today. With the Frontier configurable NIR platform, you can expect dependable and consistent operation through years of service.

  • LactoScope FT-B Milk Analyzer

    LactoScope FT-B Milk Analyzer

    LactoScope FT-B - With a typical accuracy under 1% CV and a measuring time of less than 45 seconds per sample, the FT-B mid-infrared analyzer is designed to answer the needs of the small-medium dairies and milk collection points. It can test milks, whey and creams with up to 40% fat. It has a low cost of ownership, and minimal downtime.

  • LactoScope FT-A Dairy Analyzer

    LactoScope FT-A Liquid Dairy Products Analyzer

    The LactoScope FT-A is our most versatile mid-infrared analyzer capable of testing a wide range of dairy product: milks, creams, whey, concentrates, ice-creams and yoghurt mixes. The latest hardware innovations allow to easily test the most challenging dairy products, such as creams with up to 55% fat and other viscous products. With a typical accuracy under 1% CV, a measuring time of 30 seconds, low cost of ownership and minimal downtime, this instrument is the preferred choice of the large processors and dairy laboratories.
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  • Flyer

    LactoScope 300 System: A Fast, Reliable, Accurate, Easy-to-Use Milk Analyzer

    The LactoScope™ 300 FT-IR dairy analyzer combines performance, accuracy, ease-of-use, and speed, analyzing samples and producing results in less than 45 seconds – all in one compact solution. This robust instrument comes with a powerful user interface, step-by-step workflows, and built-in connectivi ...

  • Application Brief

    Identifying Quality Parameters in Milk Using the LactoScope FT-A

    Efficient production of high-quality dairy products requires full control of incoming milk. Milk at intake may be of a different composition than that of the milk to be marketed, therefore, processors must adjust the composition as per requirements. This compositional modification is also necessary ...

  • Application Brief

    Milk Analysis Using the LactoScope 300

    Raw milk is the basis of most dairy products. This makes controlling the quality and safety from incoming tankers at earliest intake essential, as it’s key to process and quality control. Milk that deviates from normality can be harmful in terms of food safety and costly as it can increase waste dur ...

  • Application Brief

    DA 7250 Analysis of Dairy Powders for Moisture, Fat, Lactose, Alkalinity and Ash

    The analysis of dairy powders is important to production plants and those using them as ingredients. By accurately controlling many constituents, the producer can experience significant savings by optimizing production to meet specifications. This application brief demonstrates how the DA 7250 is an ...

  • Application Note

    DA 7250 Analysis of Ice Cream Mix for Fat and Total Solids Content

    Similar to Sweetened condensed milk (SCM), monitoring butterfat and total solids in ice cream bases can enable consistent quality and safeguard producer profitability. Historically, NIR instrumentation had limited success in the manufacturing of ice cream, as the analysis was cumbersome, time-consum ...

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    LactoScope FTIR Dairy Analyzers Brochure

    Milk processors and dairies across the globe are challenged every day with ensuring the consistency of incoming raw materials and making fair payment to suppliers. Quick and accurate compositional analysis of key components of raw milk and other dairy products is of paramount importance in these ind ...

  • Brochure

    Alternative-Protein and Plant-Based Food Testing Solutions

    The development of alternative-protein and plant-based food products helps meet the growing need around the world for nutritious, sustainable foods. But these novel foods can be challenging to develop and manufacture. R&D and formulators must not only identify ingredients with the nutritional and fu ...