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270 mm Integrating Spheres - Upward-Looking

The Upward-Looking 270 mm Integrating Spheres is a unique accessory enabling new accuracies to be achieved in the measurement of light-diffusing materials. It is compatible with the LAMBDA 950/1050/1050+ spectrometers.

Part Number L6310220
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Features of the 270 mm Integrating Spheres include:

  • UV/Vis detector is a photomultiplier tube (PMT); NIR detector has broadband InGaAs with triple stage Peltier cooling
  • 8° angle of incidence for both transmittance and reflectance measurements
  • Measurement accuracy < 0.2% (transmission), < 0.5% (reflectance) for specular samples
  • Closed compartment sample size:250 x 400 mm (minimum)
  • Supports horizontal sample orientation
  • Wavelength range 300–2,450 nm
  • Supports NFRC standards


Model Compatible With LAMBDA
Product Group Integrating Spheres & Supplies
Technology Type UV/VIS
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It’s clear, glass has a variety of uses, from practical to technological to decorative. In particular, float glass is widely used in architecture, automotive, transportation, photovoltaic, and solar industries.

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Product Note

Lambda UL270 Accessory UV/Vis Spectroscopy - Trusted Glass Measurements for Better Product Development

The PerkinElmerUL270 integrating sphere is a unique accessory that allows new accuracy to be achieved in the measurement of light-diffusing materials and adequately solves the various measurement problems involved in measuring transmittance and reflectance of light redirecting and light-scattering samples discussed in detail.

Upward Looking 270 mm Integrating Sphere Accessory

The PerkinElmer® UL270 integrating sphere is a unique accessory that allows new accuracy to be achieved in the measurement of light-diffusing materials. The accessory is available for the PerkinElmer LAMBDA™ 1050 and LAMBDA 950 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers.