UltraClean THGA Graphite Tubes with Integrated Platform, Pkg. 5 | PerkinElmer
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UltraClean THGA Graphite Tubes with Integrated Platform, Pkg. 5

For the most demanding analyses, PerkinElmer offers UltraClean THGA graphite tubes - delivering exceptionally low levels of contamination due to advanced high-temperature gas-phase cleaning procedures.

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For the lowest possible detection limits, residual contaminant levels may not be low enough to meet your requirements.

UltraClean graphite tubes offer unmatched analytical advantages for special applications such as the determination of extremely low traces of Na, Ca, Fe, Cr and Ni in ultra-clean reagents used in the semiconductor industry, and ultra-trace analyses of environmental, clinical, or food samples.

Features and Benefits:

  • UltraClean THGA graphite tubes have the lowest possible contamination levels due to extensive high-temperature gas-phase cleaning procedures
  • UltraClean THGA graphite tubes are tested and specified for blank levels of Cr, Ni, V, Mo, Ti (<0.003 integrated absorbance units) and Na, Fe, Al, Si, Ca (<0.0005 integrated absorbance units)

The tubes are compatible with PerkinElmer PinAAcle 900T, PinAAcle 900Z, AAnalyst 600, AAnalyst 800, Model 4100ZL, Model 4110ZL, Model 5100ZL, SIMAA 6000 Zeeman AA instruments.


Product Brand Name PerkinElmer
Product Group THGA Graphite Tubes
Style Integrated Platform
Type UltraClean
Unit Size 5
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PerkinElmer Atomic Absorption Graphite Reference Guide

PerkinElmer tubes are manufactured to the highest quality specifications. Our exclusive design ensures even heating over the entire length of the tube. Performance must be reproducible from day to day with respect to sensitivity; accuracy and precision. W

PDF 785 KB

Technical Note

Analytical Quality with Genuine PerkinElmer Graphite Parts

The production of high-quality graphite components for atomic absorption spectroscopy requires stringent quality control. To ensure high quality and consistency, a specific high-density base graphite material has been developed for use with PerkinElmer graphite furnace systems.

PDF 245 KB