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TAMS Laser Alignment Tool

The TAMS Laser Alignment Tool allows for easy alignment of the TAMS reference beam and sample beam.

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The Total Absolute Measurement System (TAMS) enables absolute measurement of directional reflectance and transmittance, as well as, BRDF/BTDF measurements, which is the characterization of the appearance of surfaces. The TAMS provides the widest wavelength range of measurement and the first upgradeable detector configuration in the industry. This system is used with Sphere and Direct Detectors, available in Si/InGaAs, Si and Si/PbS. The wavelength ranges between 190 and 3000 nm for both sample and reference beams, depending on the detector used. The open architecture of the LAMBDA platform provides solid mounting position for the TAMS, once the instrument detector module has been removed. Compatible with the LAMBDA 750/850/950/1050 spectrometers.


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Comprehensive and Compliant Solutions for Glass Analysis

It’s clear, glass has a variety of uses, from practical to technological to decorative. In particular, float glass is widely used in architecture, automotive, transportation, photovoltaic, and solar industries.

For glass testing labs around the world, we offer highly accurate and tailored solutions including instrumentation, accessories, software, and services, to ensure you get the most out of your analysis. Focused and flexible, our technology enables glass manufacturers to determine efficient energy storage and test raw materials for the required properties. We provide industry-trusted solutions that align with the latest glass regulations (EN, ISO, and CIE), improving the flow and productivity of your lab. Download our Interactive Brochure to learn more.