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Syngistix for ICP Software

Syngistix for ICP software, is a workflow-based software for our Avio® Max series ICP-OES spectrometers as well as LPC 500 liquid particle counter when coupled with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES Oils system, designed to improve efficiencies in the laboratory. Flexible and easy to use, its smart software features offer immediate benefits whether you’re running the instruments, running the laboratory, or running the business. The software's intuitive interface mirrors the progression of the workflow, guiding users through each step for greater control and confidence.

Part Number N0780203
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Syngistix for ICP software's user-defined and customizable reporting capabilities facilitate support for a variety of peripherals, including online auto-dilution systems and flow injection.

Syngistix for ICP software is available for the Avio 220/550/560 Max, Avio 200/500, Optima 8x00/7300 V series, as well as the Optima 7x00, 2100 and non-IEEE 5x00 instruments with Microsoft® Windows® 10.

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Product Note

Syngistix for ICP - Smart Software for Every Workflow

Syngistix for ICP software boasts a number of smart features designed to optimize your workflows and the performance of the Avio® Max ICP-OES instruments – from initial instrument setup to final results – for consistent, efficient, reliable operation. Flexible and ...