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Stainless Steel ATD Prepacked Sample Tubes, Sorbent: Air Toxics Tube, Pkg 10

The Air Toxics tube is conditioned at 350 °C. PerkinElmer recommends a maximum temperature of 400 °C for this sample tube with a desorption temperature of 330 °C. The tubes approximate analyte volatility range is n-C3 to n-C12 and the typical analytes for he Air Toxics are EPA TO-14 compounds.

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Stainless steel and glass sample tubes are available with a wide variety of packing materials from single to multi-bed. PerkinElmer Thermal Desorber tubes are printed with the packing material and an arrow, which points to the end of the tube where sample is drawn from, and also indicates the end that desorb vapors will exit. Each tube is etched with a unique serial number for ease of traceability and adsorbent identification. Stainless steel tubes may also be fitted with clips that accept adhesive labels for identification. Packed tubes are shipped with long-term brass storage caps and all tubes are thermally conditioned and tested for background and backpressure.


Material Stainless Steel