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Controller for PerkinElmer Spotlight IR Imaging systems, featuring highly automated microscope control and IR image analysis functions. SpectrumIMAGETM seamlessly integrates all imaging and microscope functions, minimizing set-up time to provide extremely fast operation.

Part Number LX108895
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SpectrumIMAGE software for Spotlight lets you easily see the most relevant areas of your samples – so you get the information you need with the least amount of time and effort. Defining the region of interest is simple using special interactive graphics in the software, with all stage movement under software control.

Key Features:

  • Flexible image sizes – simply draw the area of interest on the visible image and go
  • Multiple Area Image mode – dramatically reduces data collection time
  • Ability to quickly extract interesting areas from the larger complex image as quickly as possible
  • Full set of hardware control functions
  • Very easy manipulation of visible and infrared images
  • Automation of all image controls
  • Unique ‘Show Structure’ image analysis features quickly reveals distinctive underlying image structure using hyperspectral analysis

SpectrumIMAGE is built from the ground up to enhance data collection productivity. The 50 μ option makes it easy to collect rapid survey images and preview a large sample area, so you can determine what part of the image you want to see in higher resolution. Additionally, the Show Structure feature quickly enhances image contrast by automatically analyzing spectra and displaying chemical variations – in just seconds.

Multiple-sample image templates can be used to efficiently capture and store multiple images from a single button press. These predefined templates allow quick operation with tablet and powder accessories, and users can define, store, and recall custom sample templates. What’s more, you can set up multiple samples or sample areas and leave them to run overnight – unattended.


Product Brand Name SpectrumIMAGE
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