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Spectrum 10 TimeBase

Spectrum TimeBase is a stand-alone software package for time-resolved measurements and hyphenated experiments using FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers. It supports external triggering of data collection and numerous real time and post run data manipulation and display functions.

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Spectrum™ TimeBase enables the user to collect time-resolved, sequential sample spectra, either continuously or at user-defined time intervals, for time-resolved measurements or hyphenated experiments using FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers. Spectrum TimeBase gives an excellent overview of the complete spectral dataset, allowing the user to see evolution of the absorption features with time at a glance.

TimeBase applications include:

  • TG-IR
  • GC-IR
  • Kinetics

For TG-IR analysis, two powerful pieces of software are used. PerkinElmer’s Pyris™ Software controls the thermal analysis instrument, allowing desired thermal programs to be specified as well as automated triggering of the IR software. Spectrum TimeBase is then used for time-resolved IR data analysis and waits for a trigger from Pyris (supplied via a relay box) by a simple tick box.

TimeBase software provides several different ways of presenting the data, as individual spectra or a stacked plot. The changes with temperature can be examined as the intensities at specific frequencies or as ratios of pairs of peak heights or band areas that can be chosen interactively.

Full manipulation of IR data including Gram-Schmidt plots, individual functional group data, as well as individual spectra recorded during the run is allowed using TimeBase software. In addition, calculated quantitative data can be displayed real-time during time resolved collection. Pyris data can also be imported into TimeBase as the raw data, or as the derivative plot. TimeBase allows for construction of profiles corresponding to intensity of individual spectral bands and even quantitative Beer’s Law or chemometric models.

Additionally, PerkinElmer Spectrum software can be used to allow sophisticated processing and analysis of the individual infrared spectra, such as library searching and comparison against reference spectra.


Product Brand Name Spectrum 10 TimeBase
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Application Note

Plasticizer Characterization by TG-IR Application Note

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a common technique that is used to study the weight loss during heating. It can tell you the percentage of weight loss quantitatively and accurately. But TGA alone will not tell you anything about the chemical components of the evolved off gas. The hyphenation between TGA and FT-IR is able to identify the off gas from TGA and give a more complete picture of material characterization. The TG-IR hyphenation technique has been widely used for the polymer industry. This application note demonstrates how to combine the strength of TGA and FT-IR analysis to offers a more comprehensive material characterization.

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Evolved Gas Analysis - Hyphenated Technology Guide

The needs for polymer, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food and beverage, and environmental analyses are constantly changing due to innovation demands and regulation changes.

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) solutions combine multiple analytical technologies to empower speed and advanced information acquisition. Coupling Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) systems with other analytical systems such as Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) and Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy represents the most complete and advanced EGA solutions for gaining insights beyond decomposition of materials, by carrying out in-depth characterization of the evolved gases.

This comprehensive technology guide is your guide to understanding how hyphenation provides the insights - not just WHEN something has happened, but also WHAT happened.