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Solus One Salmonella kit (480 wells)

Experience accelerated Salmonella species detection with the Solus One Salmonella kit. Featuring a streamlined single media enrichment step, this kit ensures swift and reliable results across a broad range of food samples. Boost your lab's productivity with its user-friendly method and quick time-to-result.

In 2023, we're proud to announce that it's validated for a broad range of food through AFNOR, adhering to the ISO16140-2 standard. Upgrade your testing capabilities and stay ahead with Solus One Salmonella Kit.





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High throughput in less steps Minimal training Quality and reliability assured

Just one enrichment step and rapid negative results in less than 24 hours (positive confirmation in 48 hours) allows fast release of test batches. Combine it with the Dynex DS2 for an automated workflow and duplicate your results in the same time.

User-friendly method provides an easy to adopt workflow in the laboratory, both manually and automated, reducing training time and costs.

Certified by AOAC to OMA and PTM and by AFNOR to ISO 16140 for reliable and trustworthy tests in environmental samples and a wide range of food, including challenging matrices, significantly reducing your internal verification work.

The advanced technology used in Solus One Salmonella kits offers laboratories a fast and accurate alternative to traditional pathogen detection methods in a wide range of food and environmental samples, whilst providing a cost effective, easy to adopt workflow.

What makes Solus One different?

The Solus One assays range retain all the benefits of our original ELISA assays whilst requiring just a single enrichment step. Compared to standard ELISA Salmonella test kits, the Solus One reduces testing time by 24 hours, media preparation time, consumable cost and lab waste. This practice, also makes the Solus One even more sustainable, saving you space and costs - plus, all components are 90-100% recyclable.

Boost your testing capacity with automated workflows

With an immunoassay format, the Solus One Salmonella offers versatility, accommodating both manual operation and seamless integration with automation. For laboratories handling larger sample volumes, combine it with the Dynex DS 2 to improve your workflow, reduce technician time, and increase efficiency. The Dynex DS2 is capable of processing two 96-well plates simultaneously, obtaining results for up to 558 samples in just an 8-hour shift. With each run, the technician gains up to 2 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on other laboratory tasks.

We understand how critical release times are for labs that may face challenges due to unexpected external factors, that's why we focus our innovation efforts in reducing time to results and enhancing workflow efficiency in all our testing kits.

From PerkinElmer, we offer you the service and support necessary for a smooth system set-up and hands on training, as well as telephone or onsite assistance to answer any questions and guaranteeing proper product operation.

Kit content:

  • 5 x 96-well microplate (in breakable strip format)
  • Negative Control
  • Positive Control
  • Conjugate
  • Substrate
  • Stop Solution
  • Wash Buffer Concentrate


Quantity in a Package Amount 480.0 Wells
Research Areas Food & Agriculture
Sample Type Food and environmental samples
Shipping Condition Ambient
Technology Type ELISA Kit
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Application Brief

Solus One Salmonella for Petfood

The continued expansion of the validated protocols allows an even deeper access to the market as it allows our customers to choose a workflow that should cover all of their Salmonella testing needs. We are happy to share the new extension to scope of Petfood samples to Solus One Salmonella. ...

Solus One Salmonella: Application Brief for Raw Poultry and Meats

Detection of Salmonella in Raw Poultry and Meats. Solus One Salmonella is a highly efficient assay for next day detection of Salmonella in food and environmental samples. The immunoassay has been developed alongside dedicated selective enrichment media and can be automated using the Dynex DS2 for a ...

PDF 372 KB


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Solus Pathogen Detection System offer food testing laboratories a highly efficient method for the detection of Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli O157 in food and environmental samples. Presented in an immunoassay format, our pathogen tests are versatile and can be used manually or in conjunction wit ...



Solus One Salmonella Instructions For Use - AOAC PTM

Solus One Salmonella assay protocols for next day detection of Salmonella species in food and environmental samples as validated and certified by AOAC Performance Tested Method (PTM) program and AOAC Official Method of Analysis (OMA).

PDF 407 KB
Solus One Salmonella Instructions For Use - ISO16140

Solus One Salmonella assay protocols for next day detection of Salmonella species in food and environmental samples as validated and certified to ISO16140 standards.

PDF 416 KB

Regulatory Compliance Certification

White Paper

Solus One Salmonella – White paper on low moisture products

After many widely publicized and damaging outbreaks related to confectionary products such as chocolate, peanut butter and infant formula an acknowledgement has been formed in the microbiological food safety community that low moisture food groups are not as safe as once was thought. Effective HACCP ...

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