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Syngistix for ICP-MS Single Cell Application Software Module

The Syngistix Single Cell Application Module, an extension of PerkinElmer’s Syngistix for ICP-MS software and NexION® ICP-MS instruments, is the ideal tool for laboratories analyzing metal content in cells, either from uptake of metals or metallic nanoparticles in solution or measuring the intrinsic metal content of the cell.

Part Number N8150321
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This unique software module allows the differentiation and quantification between the dissolved and cellular fractions of the same analyte. In a single analysis, cell metal or particulate content, cell-containing metal concentration, mass per cell, and mass distribution can all be determined without the need for subsequent data processing. Coupled with the NexION ICP-MS, the Syngistix Single Cell Application Module is the world’s first Single Cell ICP-MS dedicated software, delivering speed, flexibility, automation, and ease-of-use.

This application module requires Syngistix for ICP-MS Version 2.1 or above (N8150320).

Included in the Single Cell Kit for the NexION 1000/2000 (N8150032) and NexION 300/350 (N8140032).