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AssureID ES

Spectrum AssureID is a materials checking system which verifies the identity and quality of production materials, confirming suitability for use in the manufacturing process. Unlike free flowing Spectrum software, AssureID ensures standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed helping to ensure good laboratory practice (GLP). 

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AssureID ES
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The revolutionary Spectrum AssureID materials checking software provides manufacturing QA functions with a rapid, unambiguous means of verifying the identity and quality of a production material, confirming suitability for use in the manufacturing process. AssureID is compatible with both Spectrum Two and Frontier MIR and NIR instruments.

AssureID mimics existing QA workflows, guiding developers through the fast development of simple, robust and reliable methods. New methods are developed, validated, built into method specific analysis workflows, released by an authorized manager and then run by authorized users. These methods can then be run routinely by unskilled analysts resulting in minimal training requirements. Implementation takes days rather than weeks or months, reducing the method development burden and providing significant relief for busy QA functions. Quantitative workflows may also be run by importing Spectrum Quant methods.

Additionally, AssureID includes a powerful chemometric engine removing the requirement for a skilled chemetrician. AssureID speeds implementation, deployment and analysis allowing QA to test more frequently, avoiding expensive mistakes, reducing inventories, maximizing plant utilization and satisfying ever-increasing regulatory body requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Choice of MIR, NIR or combined MIR/NIR systems
  • Powerful chemometric engine eliminates the need for a chemometrician
  • Designed to work the way QA works
  • Reduces training requirements
  • 21 CFR Part 11 technical compliance optional

AssureID is available in two versions namely AssureID ES (Enhanced Security) and Assure ID STD (Standard). Assure ID ES helps the user to achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. AssureID STD is identical to the ES product but without the required functionality to achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Both versions can be purchased with three different levels of user functionality:

  • Full suite – Manage and develop methods, analyze materials and review and manage results. Controls Frontier and Spectrum Two instruments.
  • Analyzer – Setup a materials checking system to analyze samples using methods developed externally. Controls Frontier and Spectrum Two instruments.
  • Results Browser – Monitor and review results and data generated by analysis systems.


Product Brand Name AssureID


Part Number Product Description Users STD/ES
LX108886 AssureID ES Full +1 ES
LX108887 AssureID ES Analyzer +1 ES
LX108888 AssureID ES Results +1 ES
LX100904 AssureID ES Full Multi User License (+5) +5 ES
LX100905 AssureID ES Analyzer Multi User License (+5) +5 ES
LX100906 AssureID ES Results Multi User License (+5) +5 ES
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