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Relocation Services

You need experienced project managers and multivendor engineers to handle all of the details of your laboratory relocation – ensuring all major assets are tested and verified before and after your move. OneSource Laboratory Services can help.

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Laboratory Relocation Planning​

From transportation to the qualification of your instruments and complete lab compliance, OneSource Laboratory Services carefully leads you through the steps for a successful relocation and back to scientific discovery.

  • Create a lean project team​
  • Seek input from your stakeholders​
  • Consider the impact to your business​
  • Define and then mitigate risk factors​
  • Communicate​

Laboratory Relocation Logistics & Compliance​

We help you consider the logistics required for the relocation of your lab well ahead of the physical move date. Then we create a strategic timeline with you to outline the schedules and expectations for all partners involved. A thorough understanding of the move timeline will ensure enough time and resources are in place to accomplish sensitive requirements including:

  • Scheduling the time to pack & unpack​
  • Sourcing the experts to decommission & recommission assets​
  • Ensuring IT connections are established​
  • Performing required qualifications & compliance procedures​

Laboratory Relocation Project Management Team​

The logistics involved in moving a lab are numerous, complicated, foreseen and unforeseen, and daunting for the inexperienced. It is far more than the physical transportation of glassware, samples, reagents, and instruments. The best internal project teams will struggle to anticipate every conceivable complication. OneSource Laboratory Relocation solution will provide you with the support, from planning through validation that you need to ensure a successful move.

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5 Key Steps To A Successful Laboratory Relocation

Relocating a laboratory, whether down the hall or to another continent, is a complex endeavor.It impacts your scientists and their research, your customers, and your business goals.