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QuickSTAR Horizon Strip Reader

Increase your results accuracy with the QuickSTAR Horizon Strip Reader, our patented and ruggedized handheld lateral flow testing system.

Get rapid and precise qualitative and quantitative results in seconds with its cutting-edge technology, and increase testing throughput and efficiency.

Approved for use with all of PerkinElmer's AuroFlow strip tests.

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Accurate Results in SecondsAnywhere You NeedQA/QC Made Simple

Upgrade the accuracy of your testing results with qualitative and quantitative outcomes in just seconds.

With a rechargeable battery, carry your QuickSTAR Horizon Reader to the field or your lab setting.

Minimize retesting and waste by saving and monitoring test results trends over time. Software-upgradeable for new assays to stay updated.

The QuickSTAR Horizon Strip Reader is an innovative, patented, and robust handheld lateral flow testing system that can deliver both qualitative and quantitative results. The device's cutting-edge technology allows for quick and easy retrieval of outcomes in seconds, thereby increasing testing throughput and efficiency. Its color touchscreen and user-friendly interface enable seamless navigation through the pre-programmed test types, while its rechargeable lithium battery ensures uninterrupted operation.

Additionally, the QuickSTAR Horizon Strip Reader is designed to help you streamline your quality assurance and quality control processes by allowing you to archive and monitor test results trends over time. This feature helps to reduce retesting, as well as supply and reagent waste. The device is also software-upgradeable, meaning it can accommodate additional assays as they become available.

The QuickSTAR Horizon Strip Reader comes with a USB sync cable and user-friendly PerkinElmer Data Manager Software Suite, which allows for easy viewing, printing, archiving, and exporting of test results. Furthermore, this handheld strip reader has received approval for use with all of PerkinElmer's AuroFlow strip tests, making it a versatile and reliable option for your testing needs.

Upgrade your testing game with the QuickSTAR Horizon Strip Reader.


Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 Unit
Research Areas Food & Agriculture
Sample Type Grain, dairy, seafood, meat, beverages
Shipping Condition Ambient
Technology Type Lateral Flow Immunoassay Reader
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Application Note

Quantitative Detection of Histamine in Food Samples Using HistaStrip Test Kit with Portable QuickSTAR Horizon Strip Reader

Histamine is a naturally occurring contaminant that can be found in improperly handled seafood. Quality tuna has histamine levels below 50 ppm and high levels of histamine in seafood can cause scombroid food poisoning. Scombroid poisoning is one of the most common fish food-borne illnesses occurring ...

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Comprehensive Testing Solutions for Feed Millers

Feed milling today is a complex business, and agribusinesses both large and small need to balance the nutritional and safety needs of livestock with availability of raw ingredients and their seasonality and variability. Add to that the valuable supplementation and medication that millers supply, and ...



HistaStrip Test Kits

The HistaStrip Test Kit is a convenient dipstick technology used for the rapid visual detection of histamine in seafood, fish meal, milk, and fish sauce. The test strips can detect unsafe levels of histamine in only 4 minutes without the use of organic solvents or heating steps.

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Rapid Quantitative test for Mycotoxins AuroFlow™ AQ Strip Tests

The AuroFlow AQ mycotoxin panel is rapid quantitative lateral flow assays designed to detect total Aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1 and G2), Zearalenone, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin A, and T-2/HT-2. These kits utilize an environmentally-friendly water based extraction method, and is compatible with corn and wheat. D ...