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QSight SP50 Online SPE System

The QSight® SP50 online solid phase extraction (SPE) module facilitates sample clean-up, enrichment and concentration, obviating the need for elaborate and time-consuming sample preparation procedures. SP50 offers easy and efficient switching between traditional, direct injection UHPLC analyses and fully automated online SPE with sample pre-concentration, allowing for increased throughput and cost savings.

Part Number N2994500
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At the heart of the system is the QSight SP50 automated sample handler, a high precision UHPLC autosampler, designed to not only accurately introduce samples from a variety of vial formats, but to also coordinate the flow switching required for online SPE. Complimenting this, the QSight SP50 High Pressure Dispenser (HPD) is responsible for performing the accurate delivery of conditioning, wash and load solvents at controlled flow rates, at pressures of up to 300 bar.  The HPD allows for the selection of up to 9 solvents, allowing one to create the optimal sample preparation method. Complete the system with the QSight LX50 Solvent Delivery module, and the QSight LX50 column temperature module to create the ultimate high-performance UHPLC - SPE system.

Finally, all instrument control and online SPE coordination are fully performed via the Simplicity 3Q software - providing unprecedented ease of use, regardless of the analysis being performed.

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