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Purification Solutions

Purification of compounds is a complex and time-consuming science: running initial analytical LCMS, purifying your samples via Mass, UV, Flash or SFC methodologies. Then, qualifying your final compound through LCMS and NMR to deliver high-quality data output for scientific discovery can create a time sink for scientific staff. Despite purification systems being complex, purifications can be made routine with the right tools and processes in place. This means that high functioning scientists can focus more on core activities versus routine purifications.

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Returning time to science:

Our OneSource Purification Service places specialists and processes in customer's labs to support research and take the burden of compound purification off scientists. These services can handle purification, manual sample consolidation, analysis and data reporting that could return three full-time equivalent days back to a principal scientist.

Potential Benefits:

Our Purification offering typically involves a fully dedicated onsite team to assist chemists with purification needs, instrument handling/troubleshooting and by using a more standardized approach to related work. Being onsite in a centralized location with our customers significantly improves sample turnaround time vs an outsourced CRO model as well as cost avoidances for logistics. A dedicated purification team provides accurate results given their established protocols and procedures regarding purification work.

Preparatory HPLC purification instruments are complex that require highly technical expertise and routine maintenance, potentially draining lab resources with service and operational requirements. Technical issues can trigger complex troubleshooting scenarios and costly instrument downtime that can take time away from R&D personnel.

Case Study:

PerkinElmer has helped establish a Purification Service for a major pharmaceutical client in the United States. This 6-member purification team services a Medicinal Chemistry Department with over 60 chemists. The purification specialists are fully integrated with a workflow that handles sample receiving, LCMS scouting, method development, purification, dry-down and consolidation and final purity and structure analysis. They monitor and use four prep instruments, two LCMS units, various dry down units and have recently implemented the use of automation for sample handling.

This service has collaborated with our Instrument Services team in setting up routine maintenance, performance testing, and parts repair for all instrumentation. This on-site implementation has removed the burden of complex and routine purifications from customer chemists, as well as countless man hours spent on troubleshooting prep instruments. The success of this purification service has been proven by a reduction of average turnaround time of array submissions from ten days to five days or less. As well as turnaround time, purification output has increased with a projected sample output of >18,000 compounds purified for the upcoming year.

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