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Parti-Count Particle Count Calibration Fluid, 100 mL

Each Particle Analysis standard is supplied with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis that documents the quality and reliability.

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This Parti-Count Calibration Fluid provides a small aliquot of standard for calibration of the optical sensor and verification of the particle counting system. This Standard contains known amounts of medium test dust at a specified particle size distribution.

Volume: Content:
100 mL Calibration Fluid


Product Group Metallo-Organic
Standard Type Particle Analysis
Volume 100 mL
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In-Service Oil Testing Reimagined for the Labs of Tomorrow Ensemble Flyer

In-service oil and lubricant testing labs like yours are all faced with the same challenges – increasing throughput, improving accuracy, and controlling operating costs. What if there was a way to reach your goals while optimizing the laboratory’s workflow? Now there is. The new LPC 500™ liquid particle counter coupled with the proven Avio® 500 ICP-OES Oils system brings together two critical analyses – particle counting/sizing and wear metals – delivering the following benefits for your lab:

  • Two analyses, one run – with single sample preparation
  • Sample-to-sample analysis at an average of 45 seconds
  • Uses less than 1 mL of lubricant sample per analysis
  • Generates less waste for the laboratory

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