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50 mL Glass O-ring Free Spray Chamber with Helix for Optima 2x00/4x00/5x00/7x00 DV/8x00

This 50 mL glass Tracey cyclonic spray chamber, with integrated Helix, is used with Optima 2x00 DV, 4x00 DV, 5x00 DV, 7x00 DV, and 8x00 ICP-OES series instruments.

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The 50 mL borosilicate glass cyclonic Tracey spray chamber does not feature an internal baffle and is not hydroflouric acid-resistant. It relies on momentum to efficiently and quickly remove the larger droplets from the sample mist decreasing any opportunity for occlusion or agglomeration of the smaller droplets. The result is higher efficiency, better precision and faster washouts than other spray chamber designs. Its precision is considered very good and its purity is considered good.

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Volume: 50 mL
  • High sensitivity and reduced matrix effects
  • Low RSD's due to highly accurate construction
  • Positive stop for reproducible nebulizer insertion
  • Application uptake range 0. 2 to 3. 0 mL/min
  • Precise ridge on wall for efficient drainage
  • Convenient UniFit drain connector


Material Glass
Product Compatibility Optima 4x00 DV, Optima 2x00 DV, Optima 5x00 DV, Optima 7x00 DV, Optima 8x00
Product Brand Name Tracey
Product Group Spray Chambers
Technology Type ICP-OES
Type Cyclonic