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Consumables Kit for NexION 5000 Configuration

Typical one year's supply of Base Configuration consumables for NexION® 5000 ICP-MS instrument.

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PerkinElmer introduces the NexION 5000 ICP-MS Standard solution-ready sample introduction technology. It is engineered for the widest range of ICP-MS analyses.

This kit includes:

  • Fixed 2.0 mm Injector UHP Quartz Torch, Qty. 2 (N8152428)
  • SilQ Cyclonic Spray Chamber with Matrix Gas Port, Qty. 1 (N8152539)
  • Threaded Spray Chamber Drain Line, Qty. 2 (N8152456)
  • Platinum Skimmer Cone for NexION 5000, Qty. 2 (N8161041)
  • Platinum Sampler Cone, Qty. 2 (W1033614)
  • Hyper Skimmer Cone for NexION 5000, Qty. 1 (N8160120)
  • Sampler Cone Gasket, Qty. 3 (W1040148)
  • Hyper Skimmer O-Ring, Qty. 2 (09902123)
  • Gray/Gray Pump Tubing, Qty. 2 (N8152415)
  • Flared PVC 0.51 mm Orange/Yellow Pump Tubing, Qty. 4 (N8152405)
  • Drain Tubing (feet), Qty. 6 (02506495)
  • Sample Uptake Tubing, Qty. 12 (WE024375)
  • Sample Introduction Line for PFA-ST Nebulizer, Qty. 1 (N8152455)
  • Female Barb CTFE Fitting, Qty. 4 (N8152388)
  • Male Barb CTFE Fitting, Qty. 4 (N8152453)
  • Instrument Filter (Left), Qty. 2 (N815216
  • Instrument Filter (Right), Qty. 2 (N8152136)
  • Instrument Filter (Rear), Qty. 2 (N8152465)
  • Torch Injector Nut, Qty. 2 (N8152451)


Material Quartz
Product Compatibility NexION 5000
Product Group Sample Introduction Kits