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NetPlus for IR

PerkinElmer NetPlus for IR is a powerful cloud-based software to help collaborate, coordinate, and control your valuable FT-IR analyses safely and securely across your organization. Share IR data, methods and results through the web with your colleagues anytime and anywhere. Whether you manage one instrument or an FT-IR network of one hundred instruments, NetPlus for IR streamlines your tasks and helps you be more productive.

Part Number L1108020
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The NetPlus for IR solution comprises:

  • NetPlus for IR – a web-based data and instrument management software that can be accessed by registered users through a web-browser.
  • Spectrum 10 instrument control software – running on the local PC connected to the instrument.

NetPlus for IR helps you collaborate, coordinate, and control your FT-IR analyses...anytime and anywhere.

Collaborate Easily

  • Collaborate more easily with colleagues
  • View colleagues' data directly from your device
  • Flexible access and management of spectral data

Coordinate Better

  • Easy adoption across the organization without complex administration
  • Easy operation by anyone
  • Ensure data security and integrity

Maximum Control

  • Control which labs can access data
  • Company Administrator controls user access to system
  • Administrator controls connectivity of locations and instruments


Product Brand Name NetPlus for IR
Technology Type FT-IR Spectroscopy