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Nitrogen Generator N2-35

Parker Balston® Membrane Nitrogen Generators can provide dry nitrogen at purities of 99% to 99.5% to single or multiple LC/MS instruments. The membrane system can produce purified nitrogen without any requirements for electricity. In addition, the only required regular maintenance is to periodically change the pre-filters.

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To meet the growing demand for the supply of cost effective and pure nitrogen, PerkinElmer is expanding its product portfolio and now offers customers that have LC/MS applications and analytical instruments a new line of nitrogen generators. N2-35 Mid Flow Membrane Nitrogen Generator without air compressor Produced by Parker Balston® the Membrane Nitrogen Generators are designed to supply single or multiple LC/MS instruments with dry nitrogen at purities of 99% to 99. 5%. The generator can also be used for solvent evaporation as well as supplying dry nitrogen to analytical instruments. Installation requires a minimum of 60 psig of compressed air to a1/4" or 1/2"inlet connection. The outlet nitrogen supply is then directed to your analytical instruments. No electrical connections are required and the only maintenance is to change pre-filters periodically. The nitrogen generators are also available with purity monitors.


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