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Model 8125 Low-Dispersion Stainless Steel Injection Valve

Model 8125 is the Rheodyne solution for your micro-scale analyses. It's built-in position sensing switch provides the chromatograph with a reproducible start signal.

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Ideal for use in an LC/MS system, the Model 8125 is designed for 1 mm and 2 mm microbore columns, and can be used also with conventional analytical columns (3 to 5 mm). It can inject sample volumes from 0. 1 mL to 500 mL with zero sample waste, using the partial-filling method. Small flow passages produce low dispersion, maintaining the high mass sensitivity inherent in micro columns. The 8125 Low-dispersion injector can quickly and easily be added to the PerkinElmer Series 200 Autosampler, thus making it an ideal choice as a LC/MS sampling accessory.


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NexSAR HPLC-ICP-MS Speciation Solution

Speciation studies can provide comprehensive information regarding ion mobility, bioavailability, and toxicity. Consequently, many modern labs are expanding their analytical portfolio to include HPLC-ICP-MS. For such studies, it is advantageous to have an intuitive, user-friendly system that meets the user requirements for automation, ultra-low baseline, powerful integration, and flexible data export. And no one offers a more integrated, versatile, and inert speciation solution than PerkinElmer - accelerate your speciation analysis with the NexSAR™ HPLC-ICP-MS Speciation Solution.

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