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Single Cell Micro DX Autosampler Kit for NexION 300/350 ICP-MS

The Single Cell Micro DX Autosampler is a microfluidic automation platform for samples with limited volume for precise microliter sampling.

It is part of PerkinElmer’s award-winning NexION® ICP-MS Single Cell Analysis System, which offers a first-to-market complete solution to quantitatively measure the metal content in individual cells, providing new insights into drug delivery, mobilization/immobilization of metal content, bioavailability, and bioaccumulation mechanisms.

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[NexION 2000, NexION 1000]
[NexION 300, NexION 350]
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The Single Cell Micro DX Autosampler for the NexION 300/350 ICP-MS enables single-digit microliter sample handling, cell resuspension through user-defined agitation protocol and accommodates most microwell plates. It gently agitates the sample, precisely and accurately loads the sample loop, and smoothly delivers the content of the loop to a microflow high efficiency nebulizer (HEN) at defined rates from 10-100 μL/min. It ensures reliable delivery of intact cells to the ICP plasma while minimizing sample uptake and wash time.

This kit (N8140039) provides all of the components to easily connect to your NexION 300 or 350 ICP-MS for single cell ICP-MS analysis.


Product Compatibility NexION 300, NexION 350