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Soft Drink Additives Analysis Consumables Kit

As a part of a full analytical workflow solution, this Soft Drink Additives Analysis Consumables Kit provides a convenient, read-to-use set of consumables for the LC analysis of common additives in soft drinks. Bottles of pre-made mobile phases, diluted standards, a column, and more let you focus on what matters - your data. Use the Request More Information form to find out more about the full solution.

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Don't spend time making mobile phases or diluting standard solutions. Let PerkinElmer's Soft Drink Additives Analysis Consumables Kit do the work for you. This kit was specifically designed to reduce the workload of soft drink bottling plants that must analyze syrups and/or finished products for the commonly encountered additives acesfulfame, saccharin, sodium benoate, caffeine, potassium sorbate, and aspartame.

Each kit contains the following consumables to cover 500 analyses, ready to use right out of the box:

  • 25 mL bottle for each TruQ calibration standard mix, spanning 6 levels of calibration
  • Four 1L bottles of TruQ pre-made mobile phase
  • Two 1L bottles of TruQ column wash solvent
  • One LC analytical column specifically selected for this analysis
  • Five boxes (100 per box) of certified vials and caps (500 total)
  • Five boxes (100 per box) of 3 mL Disposable syringes (500 total)
  • Five boxes (100 per box) of Nylon syringe yellow filters (500 total)

Let PerkinElmer help streamline your analytical workflow with this easy-to-use consumables kit. And we're ready to help you adopt an analytical method that makes the best use of these consumables, too, so contact us today.


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Technology Type Consumable, Liquid Chromatography (LC)