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USP/ICH Elemental Impurities Standards Kit - Oral PDEs

Multi-Element Standard for ICH applications. Every PerkinElmer standard is supplied with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.

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Concentration of Element includes:

Matrix Concentration Part No
5% HNO3/2% HCl ICH-Class 1 Elements + TI – Oral N9304362
30 µg/mL: Hg
15 µg/mL: As
8 µg/mL: Tl
5 µg/mL: Cd, Pb
2% HNO3 ICH-Class 2A Elements – Oral and Parenteral PDEs N9304363
200 µg/mL: Ni
100 µg/mL: V
50 µg/mL: Co
2% HCl 100 µg/mL: Au N9303728
15% HCl ICH-Class 2BPrecious Metal Elements (no Os) – All PDEs N9304364
100 µg/mL: lr, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru
2% HNO3 ICH-Class 2B Se and Ag – Oral PDE N9304365
150 µg/mL: Ag, Se
5% HNO3/trace Tartaric Acid/ trace HF ICH-Class 3 Elements – Oral PDEs N9304366
1,100 µg/mL: Cr
600 µg/mL: Sn
300 µg/mL: Cu, Mo
140 µg/mL: Ba
120 µg/mL: Sb
55 µg/mL: Li
2% HNO3 Internal Standards – All PDEs N9304367
50 µg/mL: Ge
20 µg/mL: Ga
1 µg/mL: ln, Tb


Standard Type USP/ICH