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UATR Polarization Accessory - Diamond/Znse, 3-Reflection

The UATR Polarization Accessory is designed to provide reproducible, high quality ATR spectra of materials that polarize light through the use of a variable-angle polarizer mount.

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Zinc Selenide
Zinc Selenide
Zinc Selenide
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Attenuated total reflectance (ATR) techniques offer a convenient alternative to thin-film, KBr pellet or diffuse reflectance measurements. The Universal ATR Accessory offers straightforward analysis of most sample types with a minimum of sample preparation. The polarization measurements additionally offered by the UATR Polarization Accessory give additional information on the molecular structure of a sample, particularly the crystal or molecular orientation.

With the UATR Polarization Accessory, the user is able to:

  • Analyze a variety of samples with minimal sample preparation
  • Utilize the live spectral preview mode and force readout in Spectrum software to ensure good, reproducible contact with the crystal
  • Collect spectra of materials with a variable-angle polarizer by selecting the desired angle

The UATR Polarization Accessory is designed for:

  • Crystal structure analysis
  • Polymer and fiber orientation studies
  • Structural studies of biomolecules such as proteins

Features of the UATR Polarization Accessory include:

  • Automatic recognition - as soon as the accessory is placed in the sample compartment the Universal ATR Polarization module is recognized along with its unique number, and system suitability checks can be carried out.
  • Zero alignment, zero set-up - once locked into the instrument, the system is ready to be used without any alignment necessary.
  • Integration - the plug-in module design means the accessory becomes an integral part of the instrument once installed.


Material Zinc Selenide
Product Compatibility Spectrum
Product Group UATR Polarization Accessory
Technology Type IR