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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Instrument Concierge service – Increasing your lab’s productivity

Using PerkinElmer Flow Cytometry Instrument Concierge Services will allow your scientists to stay focused on science and not validation of instrument or methods – one PKI expert can return up to 2 FTE equivalent man-hours for your principal scientists We are the experts on flow cytometers and all other technical aspects of flow cytometry.

PerkinElmer’s Flow Cytometry programs, as a part of Scientific Services, have been supporting a very wide spectrum of flow cytometers from a variety of manufacturers. We make it a practice to reach out to our internal community to ask for experiences of those instruments to leverage what we already know – this helps us in rapid problem solving. Case studies with top pharmaceutical companies demonstrate a 90% decrease of troubleshooting time and a 45% decrease of service calls, as well as the best practice data collection.

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Enterprise-Level Solutions

PerkinElmer’s flow cytometry core services are customized to your company’s need and intended use. We will use your current instruments and facilities and deliver our work according to your expectations. We’re on-site working with your scientists, avoiding miscommunications and delays by outsourcing off-site. We understand the need for cutting-edge flow cytometric technology and reproducible data in all phases of drug discovery and development processes

PerkinElmer’s flow cytometry specialists are carefully selected and trained for expert-level services on the whole processes of flow cytometry from the beginning of sample preparation to the very end of data analysis; they also have access to the Subject Matter Experts on different technical aspects of flow cytometry. We can leverage the cumulative knowledge of the organization to bring about a comprehensive, advanced core services.

We are also excited to have Biolegend and Nexcelom as part of the PerkinElmer family. Biolegend is a global leader in antibodies, probes and other flow cytometry reagents and has an extensive Cell Analysis and Immunology product portfolio with the ability to dispatch highly experienced application specialists to work with our customers on complicated color-panel designs and advanced flow cytometry techniques. Nexcelom adds a unique scope to our instrumentation portfolio, bringing in Automated Cell Counters and Image Cytometers.

Learn more about how OneSource’s comprehensive Instrument Concierge™ services, including Automation Engineering and Purification:

  • Improve performance, productivity, safety, and data integrity
  • Enhance daily workflows and scientific processes
  • Stream-line instrument management
  • Ensure instrument compliance

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