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OneSource Instrument Concierge. We are at your service!

With our OneSource Instrument Concierge service, we​ introduce you to an even higher level of care. We start by​ incorporating one or more highly trained scientists into your​ location, dedicated to caring for your entire multivendor​ laboratory environment. This is the ultimate in personalized​ service, tailored to your lab’s specific users and their​ requirements. Our scientific personnel are a highly skilled,​ onsite presence that can deliver a deep level of​ instrumentation expertise, enhancing your lab’s daily​ workflow and scientific processes.

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Our Instrument Concierge specialists can also provide a wide​ array of laboratory capabilities, tailoring instrumentation to the​ needs of individual users and delivering a level of knowledge​ and support that goes over and above what traditional services​ typically provide.​

OneSource Instrument Concierge specialists can give your lab:​

  • Integrated instrument management​
  • Single-source accountability​
  • Reduced unplanned downtime​
  • Improved performance and productivity​
  • Better data integrity​
  • Instrument compliance​
  • Improved safety
  • Fully supporting any technologies including CyTOF platforms

OneSource Instrument Concierge offers the ultimate level of customer service that is tailored to each specific lab’s needs, requirements, and users. Because OneSource Instrument Concierge personnel are highly skilled, on site, and always at your service, they provide a deep level of instrumentation expertise that will enhance your lab’s daily workflow and overall process improvement model. And because they are embedded members of your team, OneSource Instrument Concierge specialists can provide your lab staff with a wide variety of laboratory capabilities, the ability to tailor instrumentation to the customized specifications of individual users, as well as provide a level of support, responsiveness, and knowledge designed to meet your needs, your, lab, and your success.