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Brownlee HRes Aqueous C18 50 mm 2.1 mm 1.9 µm

The Aqueous C18 contains a proprietary polar side chain functionally bonded C18 that provides a more well balanced retention profile for both polar and non-polar compounds than a traditional C18. It provides both high reproducibility and compatibility with a wide variety of mobile phases including 100% aqueous mobile phases.

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Brownlee Columns for HRes Fast-LC Recent developments in LC column technology have now made the use of sub 2 µm particle packing materials practical. These smaller particle size materials allow higher mobile phase linear velocities to be used, without the decrease in separation efficiency experienced with conventional larger particle size packings. This translates into higher throughput and higher productivity. To conserve mobile phase, these sub 2 µm column materials are typically packed into 2. 1 mm i. d. columns so that flow rates (mobile phase volume) are kept low. However, smaller sized packings result in elevated operating pressures. Technological advances in pump and injector designs have also kept pace, and these columns can be used at pressures as high as 10,000 psi with the PerkinElmer Flexar HLPC or up to 15,000 psi using FX15 LC systems. The rugged construction of this new line of small particle columns for high pressure application yield excellent longevity and reproducibility. These packings exhibit an exceptionally tight particle size distribution for excellent resolving power and are packed at elevated pressures to assure column stability even at high pressure applications. Each column is tested to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency in high pressure LC testing.


Inner Diameter 2.1 mm
Length 50.0 mm
Particle Size 1.9 µm
Phase Aq C18
Product Brand Name Analytical DB