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Rheodyne 9725 PEEK Injection Valve for Series 200 Autosampler

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Rheodyne 9725/9725i front loading HPLC Sample Injectors are easy to use, and provide chromatographers with the Rheodyne Hallmark of Excellence. . . unparalleled performance and exceptional product lifetime.

  • Patented Make-Before-Break (MBB™) architecture virtually eliminates transient pressure shocks for extended column life
  • Available in stainless steel and PEEK for sample compatibility
  • Zero sample loss
  • Wide 30° port angles for easy access
  • Small diameter internal flow paths assure minimal dispersion

The Model 9725 is highly inert and well suited to the chromatography of biological molecules using all techniques, including those with aggressive mobile phases. It applies to both HPLC and soft gel chromatography, and is also suitable for ion chromatography, since metal does not contact the mobile phase. This injector is identical to the Model 7725 stainless steel injector, but the materials are different: the loop, nuts, ferrules, stator, and vent lines are made of PEEK, polyetheretherketone; the rotor seal polymer is Tefzel. PEEK has an outstanding combination of strength and inertness. The operating pH range is 0 to 14. The injector is set for its maximum pressure capability, 5000 psi (345 bar, 34 MPa). However, useable pressure may be lower, since the burst pressure of the PEEK sample loop usually limits it. Maximum temperature is 50° C. A 20 mL loop is attached. The Rheodyne 9725 can quickly and easily be added to the PerkinElmer Series 200 Autosampler, making it an ideal sampling accessory for biochemistries.


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