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2DX-FAS Autosampler w/FAST Flame 2 Sys

For high-throughput laboratories running single-element or sequential multi-element determinations using flame atomic absorption (AA) for many samples daily, looking for both total automation of standard and samples preparation as well as high-speed and accurate sample analysis without any user intervention.

Part Number N2020072
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This configuration of the FAST Flame 2 accessory is a combination of the 2DX-FAS high-speed autosampler, two precision peristaltic pumps and a switching valve, providing quick sample turnaround with fast rinse-out, short signal stabilization times and no sample-to-sample memory effect. The FAST Flame 2 accessory rapidly fills a sample loop via vacuum and then switches to inject the sample loop while the autosampler moves to the next sample, removing the wait time associated with self-aspiration or peristaltic pumping and the long rinse-in and rinse-out times associated with autosampler movement and flushing resulting in sample-to-sample times as short as 15 seconds. Rapid injection and rinse-out result in a throughput of over 560 samples per hour- up to 40% higher than manual analysis for single-element determinations by Flame AA.

FAST Flame 2 provides the ability to:

  • Mechanically pump the sample during injection
  • Optimize nebulizer and flame conditions
  • Eliminate variability due to changes in sample viscosity, dissolved solids and tubing length
  • Provide long-term sample flow stability

Plus, FAST Flame 2 also provides in-line dilution, allowing the analyst to create a single intermediate standard and then the FAST Flame 2 accessory to automatically generate all calibration standards in-line, as required. In addition, FAST Flame 2 can be set to identify over-range samples and then utilize the in-line dilution capability to automatically re-run a sample that falls outside the calibration range at an increased dilution factor to bring the signal within the calibration and provide accurate measurement along with a passed QC check.

Accuracy of dilution is demonstrated by excellent linearity of the calibration curve (R2 > 0.9999). Sample dilution can be predefined on a per-sample basis, allowing for a wide range of dilution factors (1x-50x) to be used when sample types or elemental concentrations vary greatly. The total flow rate delivered by the two peristaltic pumps is constant, but the ratio of the two flows is automatically varied to dilute samples or to build a calibration curve by dilution of a single standard solution.

The 2DX-FAS is a compact autosampler with dual flowing rinse stations that hold 2 large racks or 4 micro racks. This kit includes one 9-position standards rack for 125ml bottles, two 60-position large sample racks for 15 ml tubes and two 21-position large sample racks for 50 ml tubes.

Note: The dimensions below refer to the 2DX-FAS Autosampler


Depth 29.5 cm
Height 47.7 cm
Product Brand Name FAST Flame
Weight 8.2 kg
Width 54.2 cm