White Paper

In-Process Food Compositional Analysis Using NIR Sensors - DA 7350 & DA 7440


This whitepaper explains how to get the most from your NIR Sensor for in-process food compositional analysis. Measuring parameters such as moisture, fat, protein, ash etc. is key in order to optimize the use of the raw material and squeeze out that extra bit of profitability. It examines the in-situ food manufacturing use of two PerkinElmer instruments, the DA 7350 and DA 7440. The DA 7350 measures parameters in direct contact with the product and is designed to measure bulk products, pastes and slurries. This model also includes a built-in camera allowing flow visualization and color measurements.

Common applications include grain, flour, food and feed processing. DA 7440 is an “On-Line” NIR instrument. It measures a product on a conveyor belt or similar transportation system. The real time measurement enables users to automatically or manually control the process.