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Specification Sheet

Pyris STA 9 Specifications


The new generation of Thermal Analyzers from PerkinElmer deliver high productivity with reliable performance from routine to research applications. The Pyris STA 9 systems are equipped with an alumina furnace with 25 years of proven reliability, and an improved balance that is now more robust and sensitive. Equipped with our leading edge SaTurnA™ sensor technology, these systems measures both sample and reference temperatures to ensure high precision and accuracy. Combined with the proven compact furnace, they deliver precise temperature control with fast heat-up, cool-down and rapid stabilization.

Operating from as low as 15 ºC, these instruments offer a wide range of analytical operating temperatures, to capture complete moisture and solvent evaporation. The Pyris STA 9 has a balance capacity of 1500 mg and a temperature range of 15 to 1100 °C. Starting below ambient enhances the accuracy and reliability of measurements such as loss on drying. The analyzers accommodate sample pans made of both alumina and platinum, catering to a variety of sample types and conditions. They also feature mass flow controllers that use nitrogen, helium, argon (inert), compressed air, or oxygen (oxidative) as purge gases. These controllers ensure optimal control of atmospheric conditions, which is critical for the precision of the analytical results. Download the complete list of specifications to learn more.