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Specification Sheet

Pyris DSC 9 Specifications


The new generation of Thermal Analyzers from PerkinElmer deliver high productivity with reliable performance from routine to research applications. The new design of Pyris DSC 9 provides a robust and compact furnace that gives you improved temperature control, fast heating and cool-down time, and precise measurements. The increased temperature range provides “Best in Class” heating & ramping up to 750°C, for analysis of diverse samples.

The Pyris DSC 9 systems have a dynamic range of +/- 175 mW and can operate across a newly extended temperature range from -180 to 750 °C, with the new furnace design allowing for higher temperatures than those achievable using most heat flux systems. The Indium Response Ratio is >19 mW/°C for 7mg Indium at 1 °C/min, with no mathematical correction for thermal resistance applied. The Indium Melting Time is 3.3 seconds, which is the time from the onset of the melting peak to the peak maximum. Download the complete list of specifications to learn more.