Hyphenated Technology Compendium of 21 Application Notes | PerkinElmer


Hyphenated Technology Compendium of 21 Application Notes


PerkinElmer’s hyphenated solutions couple two or more instruments to greatly increase the power of analyses and save precious time by acquiring more information from a single run. The TGA 8000 and STA systems coupled with FT-IR, MS, and/or GC/MS instruments represent the industry’s most complete and advanced line of hyphenated platforms for materials characterization in polymers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, rubber, and food.

We understand the unique and varied needs of the customers and markets we serve and we are the only company in the industry capable of making, supporting, and servicing combined systems that streamline and simplify the entire process from sample handling and analysis to the communication of test results.

Download to read a range of applications including:

  • TG-IR Analysis of Layers of a Cable Used in the Automotive Industry
  • Analysis of PVC with Different Phthalate Content by TG-MS and TG-GC/MS
  • Analysis of Unknown Aqueous Samples TG-IR-GC/MS
  • Curing of an Optical Adhesives by UV Irradiation in the DSC 8000
  • In-situ Evolved Gas Analysis During the 3D Printing Procedure
  • TG-GC/MS Technology - Enabling the Analysis of Complex Matrices in Coffee Beans
  • Characterization of Soil Pollution by TG-IR Analysis