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NexION ICP-MS Series - Superior Interference Removal, Accurate Results


Accurate, reproducible trace elemental analysis is essential to ensuring the quality and safety of our products and our environment, and the award-winning NexION® ICP-MS platform delivers that level of accuracy and repeatability through a host of unique features that provide superior interference removal and outstanding detection limits.

At the forefront is out proprietary Universal Cell Technology (UCT) – a unique quadrupole reaction/collision cell with dynamic bandpass tuning. It not only allows the use of pure reaction gases, which are able to deliver reliable and repeatable reactions, but also controls the reaction – a feature unique to quadrupole cells – and eliminates reaction byproducts before they form new interferences.

This work presents color-coded periodic tables with estimated reactivity of six gases (O2, N2O, CO2, CH4, CH3F and NH3) for over 80 elements, demonstrating the superior interference removal capabilities of the NexION ICP-MS series, thanks to its proprietary Universal Cell Technology.