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GC Column Selection Guide


Choosing which chromatography column to install is perhaps the most impactful decision a chromatographer routinely makes. Since the separation of compounds by GC is governed by a molecule’s partitioning properties between the carrier gas and the column’s stationary phase, the careful selection of which column to use not only impacts chromatographic performance, but sample throughput and capacity as well. We believe that chromatography and education go hand-in-hand. We present you with this column selection guide to review typical applications for each column, so you can be sure the chemical makeup of your sample and the chemical makeup of your column are perfectly aligned. You will also find details on how column dimensions can be optimized for the best balance of analytical performance and speed.

We are here to help you feel confident with the principles of method optimization so your lab can improve separations and save hours in extraneous method run times, driving efficiency and productivity. As the analytical column is the heart of the GC, optimizing the right method for the right column isn’t just good science – it’s good for your laboratory’s bottom line.