Application Note

Single Cell ICP-MS: Advancing Your Knowledge to Analyse nanoparticles in Fresh Water Algae



Increased use of Engineer nanoparticles in consumer products and thus a possible effect in the environment has been growing. The Nanoecotoxicologists have been striving to analyze the toxic effect of these nanoparticles in aquatic ecosystems, it becomes more imperative to understand, the detailed understanding of uptake of the Ionic/ dissolved toxic nanomaterial by aquatic flora and fauna. Technology like ICP-MS is highly utilized for the in-vitro study of cellular metal content by removing the cells from their culture media (either by centrifugation or filtration), washing with fresh media solution, and then acid-digesting. This application discusses the use of Single Cell Nexion ICP-MS to estimate the total metal or particle content in a given number of cells rather than on a per-cell basis.