Multi-Element Analysis of Drinking Water

Application Note

Multi-Element Analysis of Drinking Water Using the NexION 1000 ICP-MS Following ISO 17294-2 and (EU) 2020/2184

Multi-Element Analysis of Drinking Water


The analysis of elemental content is critical to ensuring the quality and safety of drinking water. In this regard, the international standard method ISO 17294 outlines the analysis of elements in water samples using ICP-MS, providing the general guidelines for using the ICP-MS technique as well as the determination of selected elements. Directive (EU) 2020/2184 aims to protect human health from the adverse effects of any contamination of water intended for human consumption by ensuring that it is wholesome and clean.

ICP-MS technology is ideal as it offers multi-element detection capability, low detection limits, high-speed of analysis, wide dynamic range, etc. However, it is affected by plasma as well as matrix-based polyatomic interferences and doubly charged species, which need to be accounted for by applying mathematical corrections and/or collision/reaction mechanisms.

This work demonstrates the ability of the NexION® 1000 ICP-MS with Universal Cell technology, which can be operated in both Collision and Reaction modes to tackle polyatomic interferences, to meet and/or exceed the specifications contained within the ISO and EU directives for the analysis of drinking water.