Fluorometric Determination of Aluminum in Pharmaceutical Products

Application Note

Fluorometric Determination of Aluminium in Pharmaceutical Products Using the FL6500 Fluorescence Spectrometer

Fluorometric Determination of Aluminum in Pharmaceutical Products


Aluminium salts such as potassium aluminium sulphate, aluminium phosphate and aluminium oxyhydroxide have been extensively used as adjuvants in licensed vaccines. As active ingredients, quantification of aluminium salts in vaccine formulations is required during the manufacturing process. Determination of aluminium in water used to prepare dialysis fluids is also crucial to monitor bioaccumulation which might lead to toxicity in patients undergoing haemodialysis treatment.

This application note describes, in two parts, how the PerkinElmer FL6500 Fluorescence Spectrometer is used to determine the concentration of aluminium in solution. In the first part, the Ph.Eur.2.4.17 method is applied and extraction with 8-hydroxyquinoline in chloroform is carried out. In the second part, an alternative method is proposed for which a calibration curve that avoids chlorinated solvents and offers higher accuracy is created.