Application Note

Confirmation of the Presence of Styrene Butadiene Resin (SBR) Polymer in Drywall Primer


Building specifications for the interior wall finish require the application of a vapor barrier rated primer followed by the normal decorative paint/top coat. Some architects and developers of condominium housing projects have started using a rated vapor barrier primer/paint to replace the traditional polyethylene plastic sheeting or Kraft-backed insulation bats historically used in the construction. The resin in the vapor barrier primers is a styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) formulation. Recent litigations involving the perceived lack of a SBR primer on interior drywall surfaces have necessitated the development of methods to positively identify the presence/absence of an SBR primer after a PVA top coat had been applied to the walls.

This application note describes a study combining FT-IR and TGA analysis of vapor barrier primers to demonstrate it as a powerful analytical method useful for confirming the presence/absence of a styrene butadiene resin in primers.