Application Note

Analysis of Tetracycline in Animal Tissue Using UHPLC/MS/MS System equipped with QS-works Autosampler


In order to protect human health, regulatory agencies around the world have established maximum residue levels (MRLs) or tolerances of veterinary drugs in foods. The use of highly sensitive and selective techniques for accurate monitoring of tetracyclines based on regulatory requirements is essential to protect human health. This work presents a fast and sensitive UHPLC/MS/MS method for the quantitative analysis of tetracyclines in meat.

To increase lab productivity, QS-Works high throughput autosampler was used due to large capacity, temperature-controlled trays and robotic arms which allows unattended operation for long time. QS works also allows labs to run up to 600 samples in a sequence which improves testing labs efficiencies. The developed method showed good sensitivity, linearity, recovery, precision and selectivity required for analysis of tetracyclines in meat at low tolerance levels set by different regulatory bodies in the world.