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Polymer Lifecycle Challenges

Polymer lifecycle challenges


Understand the Challenges, Trends & Opportunities of the Polymer Industry.

Want to know what the future might look like for plastic manufacturers and recyclers? The whole industry has undergone tremendous change and continues to do so. Manufacturing and recycling are drawing closer, in order to meet global sustainability goals. World economies are driving toward circular not linear models – finding innovative ways to reclaim raw materials.

As leaders in polymer analysis, PerkinElmer have long been at the forefront of polymer R&D and QA/QC analytical testing. We continue to provide high quality intelligence and understanding of the industry to our customers. Every day, our solutions help scientists and researchers to develop new, better polymer-based materials and more efficient processes for the benefit of society and the environment.

This White Paper explains the polymer production chain and the challenges involved. It explores the benefits of plastic recycling including testing of recyclate materials and its role in a sustainable future and the circular economy. Download it now.