White Paper

Major Considerations in Choosing a High-Performance UV/Vis or UV/Vis/NIR System


UV/Vis and UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopy are well established analytical techniques being effectively applied across a wide range of industries. High-performance UV/Vis spectroscopy has expanded into new applications, especially in the life sciences. At the same time, in traditional application areas such as materials characterization, optics, coatings, glass, pharmaceutical QA/QC, and color control, UV/Vis spectroscopy has become more sophisticated, providing higher quality results faster and easier than ever. In choosing a UV/Vis system or one with added NIR (near infrared) capabilities, there are many considerations. Traditional specifications such as wavelength range or sensitivity are critically important. Yet other elements such as ease of operation, speed of analysis, sampling flexibility, maintenance, and long-term durability may be important in meeting current and future needs. This whitepaper examines these issues in detail and present some newly available options that can provide a stronger foundation for choosing your next UV/Vis or UV/Vis/NIR system.