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Connectivty in the R&D LAB - IoLT

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Connectivity in the R&D Lab: Internet of Lab Things (IoLT)

Internet of lab things for R&D lab connectivity

Connectivity is happening now, touching many essential parts of our lives—from the “smart” mobile phones we use to the servers where our data is stored. Additionally, routine signals are part of our daily routines—everything from the traffic light, digital alarm clock, Doppler radar and household carbon monoxide detector. Imagine the possibilities if we open the aperture and now also collect all of the signals from connected devices. Enter the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), defined by devices intersecting with and exchanging data through the internet. The number of connected “things” is predicted to reach $30 billion by 2021, with the potential of driving $3.9 to $11.1 trillion in economic impact by 2025.