Technical Note

Multicomponent Spectral Fitting on the Avio Max Series ICP-OES


Baseline and interfering element correction (IEC) are used with ICP optical emission spectrometry to correct analytical signals for contributions from the plasma, the matrix or elements other than the analyte. If the contributions from these components are not corrected accurately, the analytical result will be erroneous. Yet both correction techniques rely on interpolated or extrapolated correction factors. Although the two techniques can improve performance with some types of samples, they are not universally applicable.

For greater accuracy, using a full segment of the spectrum around the analyte wavelength is preferred to using just one or two points. To address this, PerkinElmer developed Multicomponent Spectral Fitting (MSF), a standard feature on the Avio® Max series ICP-OES instruments. MSF can significantly improve your analytical results – detection limits, accuracy, and precision.

Learn more about Multicomponent Spectral Fitting on the Avio Max series ICP-OES – download this technical note.