PerkinElmer's ICP-OES Flat Plate Plasma System

Technical Note

Flat Plate Plasma Technology on the Avio Max Series ICP-OES

PerkinElmer's ICP-OES Flat Plate Plasma System


A robust and stable plasma is essential when performing analytical analyses by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). The plasma is traditionally generated by passing argon through a series of concentric quartz tubes (the ICP torch) within a helical, radio frequency (RF) induction coil. Once established, this highly-ionized argon plasma canreach temperatures as high as 10,000 K, allowing for complete atomization of the compounds within a sample and minimizing the potential for chemical interferences.

PerkinElmer's patented Flat Plate plasma technology for the Avio® Max series ICP-OES provides several advantages over traditional helical coil systems - while capable of accommodating the same sample introduction systems and achieving comparable analytical precision, Flat Plate technology achieves greater plasma robustness and stability because of its unique design, leading to less sample loss, greater analytical signal, lower argon consumption, and less maintenance.

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