Technical Note

Advantages of a Novel Interface Design for NexION 5000 ICP-MS



The novel design of the second-generation Triple Cone Interface with patent-pending OmniRing was developed specifically for the NexION® 5000 multi-quadrupole ICP-MS with both sensitivity and stability in mind. It builds on the Triple Cone Interface geometry of the NexION series and provides unique solutions to space-charge effects based on the simple, yet highly effective OmniRing technology. Its design focuses on many attributes of an ideal interface for ICP-MS, most notably improved transmission by reducing the ion current while at the same time providing a controlled acceleration of the ions through the interface without transmitting high energy ions into the downstream ion optics. The result is much improved analyte signal intensities without the cost of elevated background levels, delivering the ability to analyze complex matrices at sub-ppt BECs and with robust plasma conditions. In addition to high sensitivity, it also significantly contributes to the unmatched stability of the NexION 5000 ICP-MS with challenging matrices. This is thanks to three stages of differential pumping and a design that minimizes surfaces prone to sample deposition and ion sputtering, such as those using extraction cones and lenses.