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Product Note

LPC 500 Liquid Particle Counter Product Note

LPC 500 liquid particle counter


PerkinElmer’s LPC 500 Liquid Particle Counter is a single particle optical sizing system designed to count and size particles individually with high resolution. When used for in-service oil samples, only 3 to 4 mL of 10x diluted samples are typically needed, offering reproducible results between high- and low-viscosity samples, while minimizing washout requirements and solvent waste.

Plus, when coupled with an Avio 500 ICP-OES Oils system, the integrated solution provides particle count and elemental analysis in one run with sample throughput at an average of 45 seconds per sample, using less Than 1 mL of lubricant per analysis.

Download the product note to learn more about the benefits of the LPC 500 Liquid Particle Counter.