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Lithium Ion Battery Analysis Guide


Lithium Ion Battery Analysis Guide

Lithium Ion Battery Analysis Guide


The Lithium-Ion battery market is growing rapidly - driven by increasing adoption of consumer electronics, growing R&D initiatives by organizations & battery manufacturers, an increase in demand for plug-in vehicles, and battery-operated material-handling equipment in industries. In addition, QA/QC methods for lithium ion battery producers are also becoming more stringent.

A host of analyses are needed to improve the quality and safety of battery materials and end-product. Although there have been significant advances in Li-ion batteries, issues still exist, such as unintended discharge, maintaining the integrity of important qualities like energy density, stability, safety, and cost. Innovative analytical solutions are required to test individual battery components during their development and production. They are also necessary to understand the state of the materials inside the battery over its lifetime.

The Li-ion battery guide covers analytical testing tools such as FT-IR, GC/MS, ICP-OES, Thermal Analysis, and hyphenation - critical to the Li-ion battery industry, as well as those industries that rely on battery quality, safety and technology advancements.